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The company A.R. ARREDAMENTI was founded in 1967 to produce unique pieces of furniture through wood-turning. The present owners grew up in this artisan shop and in 1986, conscious of their bank of knowledge and of their skill as cabinet-makers, they bought new modern equipped premises, trusted to the “pen” of capable and well-known designers and started the production of furniture with the same features that had already characterized their father’s production.

Forty years of success and professional awards, accompanied by the acclaim of a clientele that over time has become more and more demanding; in an environment of renewed enthusiasm and passion for work.

Blending elegance and luxury

A perfect aesthetic pairing, to highlight the soft forms of a decorative style that is sure to win you over.

AR Interiors

AR Interiors identifies furniture collections of extreme luxury and prestige; the fomal, fascinating and timeless design is the perfect synthesis of the high Italian cabinetry combined with the use of wood essences and superior quality materials.

AR Interiors is composed of the furniture collections: Alexander, Dilan, Oliver, Evantra.

Each AR Interiors furnishing line has its own, intense personality that aims to give an elegant interpretation of contemporary furniture through an Italian design of excellence. Luxury, comfort, hospitality and familiarity are defined through a beauty that borders on the absolute.

Hallmarks of Italian style

Hallmarks of Italian style

AR Luxury

Total projects and unique pieces

AR Luxury is classic luxury furniture, with superfine beauty that combines great tradition Italian craftsmanship and technological innovation: in this way we obtain a classic decor of incredible light and grace who knows how to perfectly interpret modern living needs.
Every piece of furniture is a real work of art of art, it is a unique piece handmade by master craftsmen. It is possible to realize exclusive entirely custom-made furnishing projects, to cover yours home of luxury and beauty through the pomp and refinement of the classic furniture of AR Arredamenti.

Made in Italy


Full-room designs and one-of-a-kind pieces

Technology and artisan skill let AR Arredamenti give your home a head-to-toe makeover. The flexibility of quality craftsmanship, backed by fine design, helps us build rooms where boiserie panelling and made-to-measure coffered ceilings can house furniture from our collections or one-of-a-kind pieces designed for your specific needs.

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